Manuel Kaufmann Photography

I never really chose photogaphy, rather photography chose me. 15 years ago when I lived in South Africa , I photographed a very intimate moment between a black boy and a white girl. One moment , so intense that I could not wait to develop the negatives. Not least because of the symbolic importance the picture would have considering the country's history, in which I found myself. To capture emotions and to peel them off of time, this power belongs only to photography and fascinated me since that day. The search of true emotions is the driving force behind my passion.



Winner, Canon Profi-Foto, 2012
Winner Förderpreis, Deutscher Jugendfotopreis, 2010
Winner Förderpreis, Deutscher Jugendfotopreis, 2002



2016              Photokina,  Köln
2015              'idle' UDK,  Berlin
2015              'localize' (with Menno Veldhuis),  Potsdam
2014              c/o Berlin 'a personal touch',  Berlin
2012              Angelika Euchner,  Potsdam
2010              Photokina,  Köln
2008             'select',  Köln                          
2007             'Kunstpause',  Zug/CH